Overview for 2018

People in need
People targeted
Funding requirements
Funding coverage
Countries affected
groupPeopleattach_moneyFunding (USD)
Humanitarian Response PlansIn NeedTargetedRequiredProgress
Afghanistan 2018No data2.8m
Burundi 20183.6m2.4m
Cameroon 20183.3m1.3m
Central African Republic 20182.5m1.9m
Chad 20184.4m1.9m
Democratic Republic of the Congo 201813.1m10.5m
Ethiopia Humanitarian and Disaster Resilience Plan 20187.9m7.9m
Haiti 20182.8m2.2m
Iraq 20188.7m3.4m
Libya 20181.1m0.9m
Mali 20184.1m1.6m
Myanmar 20180.9m0.8m
Niger 20182.4m1.8m
Nigeria 20187.7m6.1m
occupied Palestinian territory 2018 (part of 2018-2020 HRP)2.5m1.9m
Republic of South Sudan 20187m6m
Somalia 20185.4m4.7m
Sudan 20187.1m4.3m
Syria Humanitarian Response Plan 201813.1m11.2m
Ukraine Humanitarian Response Plan 20183.4m2.3m
Yemen 201822.2m13.1m