The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs and its partners welcome you to the Humanitarian Programme Cycle (HPC) Viewer!

This portal relies on an essential suite of tools developed by OCHA to capture objectives, projects, indicators and financial requirements in countries where a Humanitarian Response Plan is developed. It makes essential data captured by those tools available to you in a visual, easy to read and regularly updated interface. The Viewer is a one-stop-shop for key quantitative HPC data, with tables, charts and maps ready to download and use.

Humanitarian Response Plans are the products of collaborative efforts among most aid organizations working in a major crisis. They are based on shared information and analysis of affected people’s needs, and embody a strategic and prioritized approach to meeting those needs and helping people out of crisis. Furthermore, they entail operational planning, division of labour, and detailed costs for each part of the humanitarian response—thus also forming an appeal. The objective is to facilitates effective, rapid and coordinated responses to humanitarian crises, supporting prompt life-saving action by humanitarian agencies, generously financed by governmental, private and individual donors.

The Viewer connects you to the humanitarian response and we hope you will enjoy the experience.