Myanmar 2019

Humanitarian response plan | Rev: 2.0
Strategic Objective 1
Promote respect for human rights, ensure protection of civilians, and support durable solutions for internally displaced people and other crisis-affected populations

Objectives and indicators contributing to SO1

Crisis-affected children have improved access to quality learning opportunities in safe protective and inclusive environment that promotes the protection and well-being of learners

Contributes tocheck_circleStrategic Objective 1 check_circleStrategic Objective 2 check_circleStrategic Objective 3
IndicatorUnitIn needTargetTargeted (%)Measure
IN1: Number and percent of targeted children (3-10) accessing (attending) pre-primary/primary learning opportunitiesChildren146,61095,06264.8%
IN2: Number and percent of targeted adolescents (11-17) accessing post-primary learning opportunitiesChildren124,89037,83730.3%

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